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When you need demolition services in North Alabama, your best bet is our team here at Garrett Contracting. With decades of combined experience in our field, we can help get your project underway with the safe and effective demolition that it needs.

Clearing the Way With First-Class Demolition Services

Demolition, though seemingly straightforward, involves a number of factors that require our expert handling:

  • Assessment of the structural integrity of buildings and the identification of hazardous materials.
  • Implementation of strategic demolition plans that minimize risk to adjacent properties and the environment.
  • Efficient debris removal and site cleanup paving the way for the next stage of development.
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Our North Alabama Demolition Services

Our Demolition Services

At Garrett Contracting, our demolition services are meticulously designed to handle a broad spectrum of structures, ensuring safety and precision from start to finish. Our hands-on approach guides each project with the utmost care, ensuring that every demolition task—no matter the size or complexity—aligns with our standards of excellence and your expectations.

Structural Demolition

In the arena of structural demolition, Garrett Contracting brings unmatched precision and attention to detail. Our expertise ensures that from the moment we tackle a structure, whether it’s an aging home or a commercial building, every phase is executed with the utmost consideration for safety, efficiency, and minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Our experience and our heavy equipment—including excavators and bulldozers—can help clear the way for new possibilities on your property.

Houses and Buildings

When it comes to houses and buildings, our demolition services at Garrett Contracting take into account every intricacy involved. We understand that each structure holds its unique challenges, depending on its construction, age, and surrounding environment. As such, we deploy a tailored approach, ensuring that each demolition project is carried out with precision and respects the property’s history and potential future developments.

Garages and Sheds

Is there an old garage or shed on your property that needs to go? We can make the demolition process simple and stress-free. Demolishing garages and sheds requires a nuanced understanding of the structures’ placement and potential complexities, especially if they are structurally attached to the rest of your property.


With their large footprints and unique structural elements, warehouse houses represent a specialized category within our demolition services. Our team here at Garrett Contracting can handle warehouse demolition services in North Alabama for countless industries.

Parking Lots

Demolishing parking lots might seem straightforward, but it requires a decisive approach that respects the underlying infrastructure and future land use. Our team carefully considers every parking lot project, ensuring the removal is thorough and sets the foundation for your next venture.

And More!

Do you have a unique demolition necessity that isn’t mentioned above? Get in touch with our team, and we’ll see if we can’t work something out! We strive to tailor our demolition services to the needs of your project.

When Is Demolition Necessary?

Demolition becomes necessary when a property can no longer serve its intended purpose in its current state or is no longer needed. Whether due to structural concerns or the desire for new development, this critical step ensures the land is appropriately prepared for the next phase. It’s a pivotal moment that clears the way for transformation and progress.

One common scenario requiring demolition is when buildings become safety hazards: deteriorating structures pose significant risks to public safety and must be addressed. Another instance is when properties are repurposed, requiring the removal of outdated structures to make room for new, modern facilities that better serve the community’s needs.

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When considering the transformative potential of your property, don’t overlook the necessity and efficacy of demolition services. Join the multitude of satisfied clients who have seen their properties expertly prepared for their next development phase through our demolition services. Your vision for transformation deserves a solid ground to start from, and that’s precisely what we aim to provide.

Reach out now; let’s discuss how we can assist with demolition services in North Alabama. You can contact our team by phone at 256-822-8347 or by filling out our convenient contact form.